Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Integrity And Surviving The Urban Jungle

Integrity.  Some throw the word around as if they have it.  Some throw the word around, wearing the judge's hat, yet lie like a sailor. It gets to the point where one wonders, if we are on different planets or read the same Book.  The Good Book says follow the Golden Rule.  As for me, I stay away from tricking people.  Tricking people is as far from the Golden Rule as it gets.  In this urban jungle, nowadays, I must define the Golden Rule.  The Golden Rule says do unto others as thou would have done to thyself.  In other words, treat others the way you want to be treated.

     It is amazing to watch others put people through stuff that they themselves would never tolerate.  Calling them hypocrites to their face only fans the fires of tyranny.  In spite of The Law of Come Back, or  preaching truths, some continue leading an evil life, while stepping on others.  Ever heard the phrase "good guys finish last?" This seems to be true when people are aiming for positions of power.  The question then becomes should one put on airs of being evil just to survive an urban jungle? 

     Why even learn to be civil if one will simply be looked upon as a target?  Why risk being treated like a sitting duck?  We have all seen it.  People take kindness for weakness.  For instance, during an intense conversation in public or in a corporate setting, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  This is chiefly because people of integrity rarely find themselves in shouting matches at a meeting or in public in general.  This author is using the example of a corporate setting to illustrate, how most people would rather be diplomatic, than lose face.

     Anyone can go tit for tat.  But how petty do you look?  When caught off guard, it is difficult to be as slick as evil people.  Rather than thinking on your feet, when someone angers you, you might shut down in an effort to be the bigger person.  You might use diplomacy publicly and deal with it privately.  What person wants to be part of a scandal?  I am speaking of people that are so evil that they lie to your face, in your face, in front of others.  Everything they learned in Christian School/Sunday School goes out the window.  In other words, bold liars get their way because they bank on your diplomacy.  Yes, they take advantage of your integrity.

     These are times when one ask oneself, does it pay to wear your Sunday School breeding publicly?  Being vulnerable can cause others to take advantage of one.  So whether one believes in tricking people or not, one sometimes come off as evil just to survive the urban jungle.

     How will you raise your children, in light of everything that has been said?  Will you raise a fool?  Will you raise a sheep?  Will you raise someone who devours others?  What is the most important value one can teach one's children?  Think of surviving an urban jungle, where dog eat dog is the rule.  Will one trample or get trampled? 

     One aspect we avoid talking about is how unhappy people are at work, because of this reality.  Who said the world was perfect?  Sure there have been paradises.  But those days are long gone.  The concrete jungles have taken over the garden paradises.  Some people have expressed the wish that everything would be destroyed, so that we can start over.  No matter which way we cut it, evil must be dealt with.  Evil happens because the majority do nothing about it.

     While some  have learned how to deal with evil.  Sometimes it can catch you by surprise, especially if it is coming from unexpected places.  Preachy people who lecture about thinking positive is the last place you expect to find evil. Nowadays, one must wonder if teaching civility is even worth it. 

    The answer is yes.  Civility should be taught.  But one must also be taught how to handle conflict successfully.  Now we must define success.  Is success having the last word?  Is success shouting louder, in order to appear fearless?  Is success compromising?  Is success being right, and proving it?  Is success ignoring the ignorant?  Some say do not stoop to their level.  But by doing this, does this give them a false sense of power as a ticket to get their way?

   The issue is, must we wear a mask that says "I will swallow you?"  Being vulnerable has its place, but will others take advantage of our vulnerability?  How should we come off - as our authentic self? - or as someone not to be messed with?  Can we be our authentic self without being messed with?  Everybody wears a mask.  As the Fugees would say, "everybody wears the mask, but how long does it last?" 

     Be careful what mask you wear.  You may just be wearing the beast mask.  A sure sign of The Mark of The Beast is being evil.  Beasts are concerned with survival.  Homo Sapiens are elevated to the level of art for art's sake.  They tap into that which is beautiful inside and out.  In secular schools, one learns to feed the ego through individuism.  But those of a higher nature capture what is important for the whole, including the very planet one lives in.  Do me a favor.  Soar like eagles.  Ignore the ignorant.  Let crabs pull down crabs.

copyright 2016, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Galbladder Operation: To Knife or Not.

Gallbladder operations are big business.  What surgeons don't tell you is that you may still experience pain even after you get your gallbladder taken out.  In fact, a great percentage of people experience the same symptoms of bloating, nausea and pain after the surgery.  Hello!  These are the same symptoms you felt before the surgery.  So what did you gain?  Bills and a band-aid.

That being said, do you still want to have your gallbladder taken out?  Go to any surgeon and they will tell you take it out.  Go to a doctor who cares and he will tell you it can be saved with diet.  One problem is that when people are in that much pain, they make emotional decisions.  But once the pain subsides, you may even surmise that diet alone can change your situation.  In fact, a special diet can force the stone to pass through your urine.  It is painful though, but worth it.

Master once said do not have any organs removed from your body.  He reasoned that it is more difficult to elevate without your original organs.  He also said that even the tonsils and appendix serve a purpose.  It makes sense.  Why else would God put them there?  But who is listening?  When that pain hits, you just might cave in.  I don't blame anyone.  I used to be real hard about this, criticizing women who have hysterectomies.  Not that I would ever do that. But when that gallbladder pain hits, I think about the knife,  It is no joke.

Nevertheless, we create our own problems.  We eat what we feel like and pay later (myself included).  Sometimes discipline goes out the window, especially when we start to feel better.  The best thing to do is to get an accountability coach.  They can easily knock some sense back into you.

I created a salad that is sure to heal gallbladder issues.  It appears in the previous article that I wrote on this blog.  The problem for me is I get bored eating the same thing over and over again.  But knowing me, I will come up with another variety.

I am not knocking anyone who wants to have surgery.  It is your body.  Only you know what level of pain you can tolerate.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Gallbladder Remedy

To some, a meal may seem like a strange cure for gallbladder attack.  But it works.  Perhaps it is because every ingredient is designed to handle gallbladder inflammation and gallstones.

For instance, beets make the bile thinner.  They are not just for blood and circulation.  What's more, beets assists in liver cleansing - the real reason for gallbladder problems in the first place.  If the liver does not function properly due to being inundated with the wrong kind of fat, it will release bile into the bile duct, leading to the gallbladder.  The sludge accumulating in the gallbladder can be addressed by the sludge-killer, beets.  The beets I dealt with were organic, by the way.

     So rather than eat beets for it's effect on the bile duct and breaking down stones, I put them in a salad.  But not any ole salad.  Every ingredient must address the gallbladder.  

     The next ingredient is carrots.  Carrot juice dissolves gallstones.  If you do not own a juicer, the next best thing is to eat them.  Your teeth become the processor.  What's more, you keep the fiber, which is also great for gallstones.  Some people eat baby carrots.  Other people juice.  It is a matter of preference.  But know that if you are experiencing extreme pain, juicing is easier on the digestive system.

     The next ingredient in my salad is cilantro.  This beauty is known to remove heavy metals, but alas, it is also great for the gallbladder.  A simple diet change can save your life.  Obstruction in the gallbladder can be pretty dangerous if not addressed properly.  Cilantro cleanses the liver, where the problem starts.

     This combination may seem dry, but dressing is the key to a great tasting salad.  The idea occurred to me when I realized I got rid of my gallstone using olive oil and lemon juice.  So I thought, instead of drinking that nasty olive oil and lemon, why not just make it into a vinaigrette without the vinegar.  My Mom made dressing from scratch using olive oil, vinegar and salt.  I left out the vinegar used lemon.  However, table salt is discouraged.  You must use Himalaya salt since Himalaya is also a healer of the gallbladder.  All is well at this point.  Then I thought, since garlic and cayenne pepper are also great for the gallbladder why not combine all the ingredients into a salad and healthy dressing?  Not one ounce of bad fat is in this.  All the ingredients are natural.

     What I also found out is that Canola Oil, Corn Oil and Soy Oil are cause for gallstones.  Olive oil is just the opposite.  This is why you must know the difference between good fat and bad fat.  I would never dare use Canola or Corn Oil in my dressings.

     After ingesting such a delicious mix, I felt better.  Actually from the first bite I felt good.  So good in fact that I couldn't stop eating it every day.  Listen before I was able to eat during my gallbladder attack, I was doing herbs for pain.  I was into a forced clear liquid diet.  Coconut juice was my idea of clear liquid.  I was not about to put commercial broth, possibly full of chemicals into my sensitive system at a time like this.  We are speaking life or death here.  The pain certainly felt like death.  Choose life.  I did.  In the future I will write about the painkillers and natural antibiotics I took prior to being able to eat.

copyright Mercedes Beato-Hawkins 2016, Dunwoody

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alternative Milk - Goodbye Cow Milk


     People probably wonder why I have selected Hemp Milk over Cow's Milk.  They see me drinking it at work.  Even my children were deprived of cow's milk for the most part.  Some wonder if they are getting the proper protein, when milk is not in the picture.  Calcium and Vitamin D deprivation is a fear, based on a misconception that is widely spread about cow's milk.


     The myths are out there folks.  Most people buy into them, because they have not been exposed to the alternatives.  One might wonder why in the world would anyone consider milk alternatives. Milk consumption endorsed by textbook is no help either.


     People ought to consider the effect milk has on people.  Yes there are people who are allergic to milk.  Likewise,  people are allergic to peanuts.  Even more bothersome is the percentage of people with milk intolerance, which is separate than milk allergy.  Milk allergy is life-threatening.  While milk Intolerance is not life threatening, it still has its nasty side effects such as bloating and nausea.  These can be quite irritating.

     Aside from feelings of discomfort, milk is not the solution to the need for calcium.  On the contrary, studies have shown that milk is not the best source for calcium..  Some say the proteins in milk rob the body of calcium.  It seems that the protein from animal source steals calcium from the body in order to process animal protein.  To settle the score altogether, why not just get the protein and calcium from a plant base source?  That is what I did when I began to purchase almond milk and hemp milk.

Creamy Macadamia with Omega & Plant Sterols

     At first I turned to soy based milk.  However, I gave that up a long time ago.  The rumors about the hormones and causing effeminization in men and affecting women in a similar fashion were no help.  But according to Dr Weil, if that were the case Asian men would be gay or effeminized.  But here is cause for concern.  What is most disturbing is that, according to this link, babies fed with soy milk were found to have estrogen levels through the roof.  The choice is yours.  But why gamble with controversy?

   My hero in alternative milk is Hemp Milk because it has more protein and calcium than any alternative combined.  The taste is through the roof!  In addition it has B12 which is very difficult to get for vegetarians.  I could list all the wonderful additional nutritional values, such as magnesium and so forth.  But you have to pick up a carton for yourself to make it ring true.  You will realize that Seed Milks  have sufficient protein levels if not more than cow's milk.  Furthermore, any animal product will stick to you and your heart.

     Nowadays, there are surprising milk alternatives on the market.  For example, we can now consume Cashew Milk, Pistachio Milk, Macadamia Milk, Walnut Milk and others.  It appears that the list is endless.  Ever heard of Flax Milk?  Yes, it does exist.  Today, no one has an excuse to drink Cow's Milk when there are so many alternatives.  In a like manner, no one has to stick to controversial soy milk.  Thanks to innovative folks, we no longer have to settle for Cow's Milk or controversial Soy Milk.  Milk from nuts has never been controversial.  Soy is not a nut, but a bean, whereas cashew, macadamia, almond, flax and hemp are all seeds or nuts.  I feel very comfortable with seeds because I can't think of anyone allergic to seeds; nuts yes, but not seeds.  Thus Sunflower Milk, Flax Seed and Hemp Milk are at the top of my list.  Not only that, but they have superior nutritional value.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Embracing Natural Foods Can Save Your Life

     My concern with health began when I was in High School. This author embraced the natural health lifestyle before there was a natural health industry.  Truth be told, even before that, the author found meat to be repulsive.  Needless to say the author was whipped daily so as to force one into meat-eating.  The author later became addicted after a decade or more of beatings.

     One day while having a regular check up, the author is told she has kidney disease and must have a transplant.  She was told to get her affairs in order in terms of writing a will.  Upon investigating how this came to be, she was told that anti-inflammatory prescriptions cause kidney disease.  The author had taken anti-inflammatory prescriptions for sinus problems.  These sinus problems emerged after being indoctrinated with the fallacy that one must ingest animal products to include milk and cheese.  We all know that certain people have an intolerance to milk.  Lactose Intolerant is the term used.  We should also be aware that cheese gives birth to phlegm otherwise known as catarrh or mucous.

     The point is children should not be indoctrinated with popular beliefs about "food."  One should let instincts guide a child.  For example, my daughter's favorite foods as a child was broccoli, tomato and carrots.  Unfortunately my ex was big on pancakes and the rest is history.  So glad we are not together because he would get offended if we did not eat it.

     Shoving non-foods down your child's throat is an act of ignorance.  This action can compromise your child's health for a long time.  This includes ice-cream in ridiculous amounts, not to mention cakes and doughnuts.  Did I say candy?  Yes, include that too.  Personally, I was a fruitarian by birth, whereas my child was a vegetarian by birth.  These are what I call instinctual behavior.  Instinctively our bodies know what is good for it.

     Once I became ill to the point where my life was threatened, I went natural.  Going natural is what saved my life.  Ironically my Mom practiced natural herbal teas as well as carnivore behavior.  It was the natural teas and roots such as ginger that I embraced. 

     Suddenly the food choices became different.  That was back in 2008.  Today 2016, I am not dead and there is no kidney transplant.  In fact, I have helped many people get off dialysis and they are doing fine today.  These are people who were referred to me by nurses and doctor whom I also helped, because they read my book.  If asked I do consultations.  This is no different than a shaman or village healer considering I was born on that side of the world where shamans and village healers practice the tradition of natural healing.  I get a check up every year and my kidneys turn out fine.  When you get a solemn diagnosis, do not make it into a life sentence or a death sentence.  Everything is reversible.

 Some people think I healed with a mere use of kitchen spices, although that is part of it.  They hear a few conversations here and there and make assumptions.  Healing modalities have a plethora of applications.  For more information, please read the book.  Otherwise this could turn into a very long article.  Be at peace.

copyright 2016, Mercedes Beato-Hawkins


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Detox With Internal Clay

     Detox from what?  Detox from poor environment, pollution, chemicals in your food and more.  Whether you are a carnivore, herbivore or breatharian toxins get in your system.  This is because we live in a very polluted environment.  Car pollution is everywhere, so it is not always the point of what you eat.  Furthermore, industries dump their chemicals into the air and oceans.  This includes Nuclear Plants as well as regular manufacturers.

     In some cases you do it to yourself.  Unless you clean with organic environment friendly products, you have toxins in you.  Beauty and Health products are no exceptions.  Women expose themselves via nail polish, make up and hair removal products.  Men expose themselves through shaving cream, lotions, shampoos and deodorant to name a few.  Everyone, male or female clean their house, I hope.  The chemicals released by bathroom cleaning liquids, kitchen cleaning powders and liquids will astound you.  No one is immune.  Household pollution can be just as bad as environmental pollution.

     At school, you may be exposed to chemicals by way of art school.  It is no secret that paints and markers leak chemicals.  Your nose is a witness.

     The food most people eat are laden with chemicals.  Have you ever read labels of products on the shelves and refrigerated items at the grocery stores and at home?  Notice how long the list is.  If you think it is all food think again.  If you think it is all organic food, think again.  If you think it is all plant based food, think again.

     So how do we detox on a regular from these impositions?  You begin by adding one teaspoon of clay to a glass of water periodically.  Why clay?  Internal clay only is what I am speaking of.  This is organic based and not laden with chemicals.  One called Mother Earth Red Clay is one such internal cleansing clay.  It works because its magnetic properties attracts toxins and these are removed with your waste.  It doesn't hurt that clay has natural minerals so desperately needed by the body.

     Many people have even healed from chronic illness this way.  People experiencing kidney disease can also heal this way.  Internal clay is good for healing and acne.  Few substances are better able to heal than natural clay.

Mother Earth Clay is available at

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Mother Earth Clay

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Combating Stress

     Despite all the modern advances to include creature comfort, human beings still face stress.  Our beds are not made of wood, stone or straw.  Nor do we encounter dinosaurs or tigers.  Yet, we remain in a mental prison of stress.  

     How did this happen?  Most stresses nowadays are self created.  By charging people to exist in their own lands, we create extra stress.  Having to pay mortgage or rent is something our fore parents or should I say great great great ancestors didn't have to worry about.  Personally, I remember a time in the Caribbean as recent as 50 years ago when people simply claimed their little piece of land and built their homes on it.

     Today we worry about utility bills when back in the day a candle or kerosene lamp would do.  There were no taxes for building roads, as the roads were dirt road.  This really wasn't that long ago.  People lived longer.  I suspect that less stress is tied into less monetary worries.  Today many people are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

5 Herbs To Calm Anxiety (Without Being Drowsy)

     Before the Industrial Revolution families lived closer to each other.  The extended family model was the norm.  Today one must travel to different states.  And in some cases, one loses tract of one's relatives.  It has gotten so bad, you could marry your cousin and not know it.  Well, at least that is true for some families.

     So whether you are stressing over money, family cohesiveness or job stress, there are some solutions.  In nature there exists herbs that calm you down.  For example, St John's Wort is known to relax you and fight depression.  Damiana treats depression and anxiety.  Catnip has relaxing properties.  Would you believe cayenne pepper is a natural muscle relaxant?  Cypress, wintergreen and sandalwood essential oils made the list as natural muscle relaxants. Basil and rosemary oil are not too far behind.  Some will recommend Valerian, but I do not like the way it smells.  O do , however recommend lavender instead.

     Hopefully the reader will implement some of the herbs and essential oils recommended in this article.  We all could use a little help de-stressing.  Why not turn to the world of herbs and nature as opposed to a bottle of alcohol?. Variety is the spice of life.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Age Is Just A Number

     She found it in the gym, and not hoisting ‘Barbie weights’ either. There are those who want to put a limit on so called old people.  They want to limit the driving privilege, performing privilege and other privileges. But I say there is no such thing as an old person.  We should look at people for their individual capacity, not for their age.

    Only in America, do we try to limit the interactions of "old" people.  If you look at other countries, you will notice that old people as artists perform until they die.  In other countries, they drive longer and walk for a longer time.  Over all, they are considered useful citizens, not someone to be tossed to the side.  The hurry up and die simply is not there.  I believe this all has to do with how people take care of themselves.

     For instance, in my country of Quisqueya people live for a long time with good health.  My aunt lived to be 120.  My ancestors are mostly centenarians.  A centenarian is a person who lives up to and beyond 100 years old.  This is not unusual for so-called Third World countries.  In my country performing artists perform until they die.  Death is mostly of natural cause.  This is why they are able to perform so late in life.  In other words, they feel good because they are in perfect health.

     Again, this is not limited to paradise islands.  You can find centenarians in South America, Japan, China, Africa, Australia and many other countries.

     This conversation began when a friend posted regarding whether old people's driving privilege should be revoked.  I have also noticed that others make derogatory comments regarding artists who continue performing later in life.  The attitude is give up.  True that in some cases boxers should give up before they get too old.  But that sport will drain just about anyone.

 Tina Turner - Tina Turner Photo (3290937) - Fanpop

     My opinion is that performers should not be limited to age.  It depend on their performance.  Some people are able to perform well into "old" age.  The reason for this is that they take good care of themselves.  For example, they eat right.  This means they eat the right fat, the right fresh vegetables in fruit and the right amount of water minus the sodas, sugary foods or other toxins.  fresh air helps.

     In addition, they exercise by either dancing or walking.  In some cases, both activities are implemented in a fun way, to the point where it does not feel like a "must do."  Why would anyone remove a license from someone who is completely capable of driving?  Not everyone lose their visions in old age, particularly if they are on a fresh food diet.  Not everyone lose neurological functions in old age.  

     It is not that they take Ginkgo Biloba, although it helps.  It is that they don't abuse alcohol.  But even if they drink, they still function well into age 100 or more.  The key is that their diet is mostly vegetables and fruits.  With this diet, you can live a long time and look young.  You not only look young, you feel young.  Some old people have a young body that is healthier than a young person.  Jada Pinkett's Mom is one such example.  Tina Turner is the example of a performer in good health.  These are just but a few examples.  I use famous people to drive the point because everyone is familiar with them.  Thus it is an undeniable truth, that age is just a number.

   People's licenses should not be revoked based on age.  People should not be criticized for wanting to perform later in life.  The case for old people should be based on capacity, not date of birth.  This is because people who take good care of themselves outperform their younger counterparts.

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